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  • amdsuckks amdsuckks Dec 29, 2012 12:37 PM Flag

    YEEEE HAWWWW We win easy said the Teabagggg rightwing. NO--you cannot have your country back.

    They thought they would beat OB by 9%. HAAA HAAA
    They tuned into Fuxed news and had a meltdown as Megan Kelly announced that FOX was calling Ohio for OB. Karl rove--idiot--said NO NO NO.
    Megan took a walk down to Fox where she talked to their people who called the state and that shut Karl up.
    Likely you cried and could not believe it. I mean--GOD told you that Romney would win. Romney was convinced too because he was drinking the GOP Koolaid. Never mind that he ended up losing by 4% nation wide and being blown away in the electoral count.
    SO you say you won the house but you lost seats there too so you lost there.
    YES---you can make up crybaby horses rump of yourself and scream still.
    How does it go?
    OB is not an American.
    OH--He was not born in America.
    He is a #$%$
    He is a racist.
    Never ever mention the fact that he cut taxes for you.
    Do not mention that he--a Muslim terrorist say you, killed Osama.

    Do you losers ever ever shut the pluck up.
    You boys like to talk big but you ain't so brave. If you want to be BIG--put on your hoods and walk on the south side of Chicago with your guns in hands. The boys there have guns too and are more than happy to have a real war with you clowns.
    Yes--the young people are ignorant and full of hate but you are old and ignorant and full of hate--but chicken #$%$. Those boys on the south side are NOT. They really are ready to die but you fat old crackas just spew your mouth and then hide.

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