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  • amdmonkey72 amdmonkey72 Jan 2, 2013 10:04 AM Flag

    Grover and his never raise tax pledge GO DOWH and he spins.

    NO NO NO say The Grove man. The House voted for a tax cut.
    But grove baby--the Senate voted before the New Year and those Repubs in the Senate were raising taxes.
    Grove has NO comment. Of course I am still powerful say Grover.
    Everyone fears me. Well at least teabaggers in the House do a little.
    Wait--The withholdings went back up on all workers Grover. What about that?
    No comment?
    When you saw Sweet Joe Biden smiling, you had to know you just got screwed right Grove baby?
    Then When The President seems happy--did you think you could spin that to your base as good news?

    Kind of like Karl on election night. NO NO NO--Those numbers are wrong. My numbers are--recount--I demand it.

    Oh well---The Pres---when all is said and done has absolutely screwed the GOP.
    He still has the massive military cuts in his pocket for negotiations in 2 months. So GOP House debt ceiling Nazis will be told the military bases in their districts will be closing if they attempt to use the Debt ceiling as a blackmail.
    Thus--it is over.
    Despite what the media says---Obummer will laugh past the debt ceiling thing and the rest because he has the blackmail in his hands.

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