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  • intelonly_please intelonly_please Jan 2, 2013 9:19 PM Flag

    Played with MS Surface and Lenovo Yoga today at Best Buy

    The guy said the Yoga was hot in demand and I liked it best, too. It will be my next purchase as they had none in stock. I liked the Surface and asked him about he. He said they were actually selling well and he said there were also a ton of people waiting on the Pro.
    I asked him what he thought about the PC dying. He laughed and pointed to the Tablet section and said "Tablets are dying as Laptops that can also be a tablet are killing them."

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    • MS entering the tablet market is a game changer. People have a lot of Windows apps they would like to put on their tablets. I have a android tablet but would love to have a Windows tablet if the the price is right. Windows 7 didn't work very well with tablets but Windows 8 does. Can't wait to get my hands on the Surface Pro particularly if it comes with the new Haswell chip. The low wattage design of Haswell is made for the tablet.

      Long MSFT, INTC

    • Surface PRO is very desirable.

      Looking to buy one soon, many waiting, Ulrabooks and Surface PRO will take the markey within a year.

    • I think PC buyers are waiting for the correct form factor to develop.

      For MS to think they can push one form factor and that's it, is not likely to work.

      The PC makers are trying several form factors.

      The Surface must be assembled on a table-top for keyboard use.

      The convertible tablets are too heavy. (We might nickname them the Commodores.)

      The Samsung ATIV 500T and 700T detach from a keyboard and become light in weight but can be used like a laptop with keyboard.

      The Lenovo Think Pad 2 tablet and the HP Elite Pad 900 can add keyboards probably like the Surface.

      I would be interested in a Samsung 11.6" Series 9 convertible if they can make 2.5 pounds weight.

      But here's a new development:

      Some computer makers are selling Win 8 with a downgrade license to Win 7 and then the computer comes with Win 7 installed. To switch to Win 8 requires un-install of Win 7 and install of Win 8.

    • Sounds like instead of the tablets cannibalizing the PCs, it looks like the opposite will happen; the newer touch-enabled convertible and detachable PCs will be cannibalizing the tablets.

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