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  • wallisweaver wallisweaver Jan 2, 2013 11:53 PM Flag

    Intel Making Apple's ARM Chips Will Leave Samsung Behind

    Intel is already running at 22nm and moving to 14nm, while TSMC, the largest alternative, is now at 28nm and moving to 20nm. Apple could therefore skip a generation from the 32nm used in the iPhone 5 and iPad 4, going straight to 14nm, and use the process shrink for better performance and better battery life and be a generation ahead of competitors. Even if Apple takes a more conservative approach, it can move all its ARM chip production to Intel's already proven 22nm process while rivals deal with any teething troubles in the ramp up of equivalents.

    So it makes sense for Apple to move to Intel and once again increase the performance gap between iPhone/ iPad and the Android phones and tablets. If the usual 2 years for a chip generation holds, iPhones made now with chips from Intel's 14nm line will still be competitive in 2015 when Samsung moves to that process. So then Apple will be able to market its cheaper 2 year old iPhones to the mid range as being as up-to-date as the best Samsung phones.

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    • The problem with so many of your posts is that you not only count your chickens before they are hatched, you count them before the egg is layed.

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    • Makes sence to me. Wonder it the shorts can figure it out.

    • It's not clear yet whether the shrink from 22 to 14 will give a power/performance benefit or not. Already at 28, if you stay planar, you run into difficulties going down to 20. Should it be the case, that will be yet another extension of Moore's law.

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      • "Intel's fabrication advantage is a function of its capex relative to the capex of the foundries which is a function of the demand for its chips which mostly go into PCs relative to the demand of the foundries chips which used to go nowhere but now go big time into mobile gadgets. The numbers behind these functions have changed somewhat in the last few years to Intel disadvantage. Therefore, its no longer a question of if but when the foundries will catch up and start leading this aspect. Intel is an overgrown company with no teeth."

        [Foundry Capex is definitely not determined by the demand for ARM chips. Demand is going up while the number of foundries capable of raising the money to do state-of-the-art fabrication has constantly declined. Only Intel, Samsung and TSMC can afford the massive costs of new fabrication facilities and TSMC is in danger of dropping off the list. You do know why they call all the ARM shops "fabless", right? This "fabless" dynamic is why many say that the ARM foundry model is totally broken. The ARM shops don't pony up for Capex. So, it's silly to say that this factor works in ARMs favor and will allow them to catch up in fabrication. It's the biggest reason why they will never catch up...]

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      • It's not clear yet whether the shrink from 22 to 14 will give a power/performance benefit or not.

        So why is GF and TSMC/UMC pushing TriGate?
        You ARM suckers starting to contradict each other -
        the days of cheap ARM SoCs are over - finito - basta - no more 45nm BS Apple was able to pull off 10 months ago.
        The ARM ecosystem will spend tons on capex to ASML, LRCX, KLAC and DFM just to keep up

      • "It's not clear yet whether the shrink from 22 to 14 will give a power/performance benefit or not."

        [Maybe not clear to you...]

        [Here's one quote:]

        ["Indeed, Intel claims to have line of sight all the way to a 7-nm process, with all the firm’s CPUs becoming SoCs as of next year. Haswell will be Intel’s 22-nm SoC for tablets and Ultrabooks, while Merrifield will be the company’s SoC for tablets and smartphones.

        After that, 14 nm is expected to be Intel's killer node with the most dramatic power improvements and integrated baseband"]

        [Exactly what part of "Intel's killer node" isn't clear to you?]

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