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  • bacbacker3 bacbacker3 Jan 4, 2013 10:05 PM Flag

    ARM A15 is a Power hog according to Anandtech. Wont fit in smartphones.

    I think you misunderstood the author..."it looks like Cortex A15 is really in a league of its own when it comes to power consumption." is NOT a compliment! He is saying compared to Clover Trail, tegra3 and Snapdragon, it is in a league of its own...meaning it consumes way TOO MUCH power - BAD!

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    • That is the way I read it too. The Qualcom APQ8060A SoC (dual-core 28nm Krait) has the power plane for each of the cores isolated. They can turn down each core individually and are able to match the Atom. The standard ARM A15 part without the special QCOM power modifications has a worse power profile than Atom.

      There is a lot of information in this AnandTech article and nearly all of it will be a surprise to those who thought that ARM had a big power advantage. YIKES!!!

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      • 'YIKES!!!'

        Like you I was actually shocked by this article. How power inefficient the A15 is and A9 too to a lesser extent as implemented by Nvidia. No wonder Qualcomm and Apple have been busy designing their own. Clovertrail is right up there with A6 and S4 for both performance and power efficiency clearly demonstrating there is nothing to prevent low power x86 processors. Intel say 1.7W TDP and it is clearly not a lie. Clovertrail+ (Z2580) is going to make a great phone chip this year with the same cpu but with a really competitive gpu and LTE and probably still around 2W unlike the Exynos5 4-8W power hog.

        I thought the moment of truth for the ARM pumpers/Intel bashers would happen with 22nm Silvermont but this 32nm Clovertrail(+) is good enough to make a serious statement in the market this year. I also thought that Haswell would be needed on the Core front but these low Power Ivy Bridges will be good enough, they will match A15 on power consumption but outperform it by 50-100% as well as being 64-bit and therefore have no 4 GB memory limit.

        The moment of truth has come for ARM much earlier than expected, they are about to see what real competition is like just like AMD, VIA, Tramsmeta, Cyrix etc have in the PC business and Intel has knocked down or out all of those opponents.

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