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  • hector_cornholed_amders hector_cornholed_amders Jan 8, 2013 1:15 PM Flag

    AMD fanboys and Teabaggers both in hiding. That is what LOSERS do. HIDE HAAA HAAA

    There used to be idioooooots from AMD here telling Intel fans how AMD was going to do this and do that. Now, AMD is in complete meltdown and the AMD 100-100 club is DEAD. Multiple CEOs fired at AMD and they make a special AMD quadcore nowadays. 4 Trash cans full of sheeeet glued together is what those chips are. How much money will AMD make this quarter? HAAA HAA I mean lose.

    Teabaggers are also in hiding. Funny I have not seen the iiiidddiots walking down the street paid for buy the SU-CK Koch brothers lately. Fuxed up news told you that Romney was going to win but of course, they lied. HAAA HAAA
    You people on the far right need to simply shut the pluck up and quit your endless crying.
    Go get laid you LOSERS!
    The world is filled with pretty women and you beeeaaatoff posting about AMD and the GOP?
    Gaaaawwwwddddammmmmmmmed are you friken LOSERS!

    Obama won
    Get over it.
    THE gop is in meltdown thanks to idddiottts like you teaparty highschool dropouts and you nazis.
    Hitler, if he were in America today, would be a teabagger like you.
    Of course, he is DEAD!!!!!!!!!
    So is the Teaparty.
    RIP and watch as Obummer makes the GOP surrender more in the next few weeks.
    Funny thing is you losers are clueless and vote for those GOP Congressmen who really hate you.

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