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  • bacbacker bacbacker Jan 8, 2013 9:10 PM Flag

    Intel confirms TV partnership with Comcast

    Summary: Intel has confirmed that it will work with Comcast so future chips will be able to stream live television without the need for a set-top box.

    Intel has confirmed it has partnered with Comcast so the company's future chips will be able to stream live television without the need for additional hardware.

    Future hardware containing Intel's chipsets will be able to stream live and on-demand Xfinity cable programming without a set-top box. The service will be made possible due to what Intel describes as a "video gateway," a chip component based on an Intel Atom core -- complete with Puma Silicon -- that acts as gatekeeper to authenticate access with a broadcast provider.

    Demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show 2013, Intel showed how Xfinity streaming from an XG5 multi-screen video gateway could be transferred to an IP set-top box as well as directly to consumer gadgets. Intel says that the service will be compatible with Intel-based all-in-one PCs, tablets, smartphones and smart TV sets.

    The XG5 multi-screen video gateway has been designed by communications firm Arris, the recent purchaser of the Motorola Home set-top box business. It is able to connect any home screen to a network via MoCA, DECT and Wi-Fi, creating a multi-screen video gateway for your favorite program.

    Steve Reynolds, senior vice president of Customer Premise Equipment for Comcast commented:

    "Intel has been a great partner as we work to develop a platform that supports an in-home gateway and client architecture. Intel's powerful silicon platforms and their support for our RDK software initiative have enabled us to quickly develop a flexible platform for the delivery of our cable video services that will give customers the ability to view them on a wide range of consumer devices in the home."

    The new technology will be based on DLNA Premium Content Guidelines in order to eventually offer live television streaming on Intel-based devices in homes worldwide. There is currently no news on this working remotely, but the idea may be something Intel will eventually pitch to other broadcasters.

    from cnet

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    • There should be way more press on this.

      With this "video gateway", who needs a set top box. From any connected device you will be able to watch live tv...this is an absolutely killer idea. Intel doesn't need to make an deals with content providers. However the future of tv plays out, whether a-la-carte or how it is now, Intel is guarantee to be making money from it. If Intel patents this, all SoC makers will have to license from Intel.

      The other thing that can come out of this is the All-in-one systems will become TV systems. Who needs an Apple TV then? And if TV can be watched from any connected device, watching TV becomes as ubiquitous as the internet. This means data centers will need to be upgraded, with Intel servers, to support the increase in video streaming.

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