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  • getanid61 getanid61 Jan 14, 2013 9:21 PM Flag

    ARMH new 52-week high today... AGAIN !!


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    • You can't prove you own a single share.... so your posts are worthless.

    • Wow, what an immature "rub it in" post. Does your son know that you are a mischievous message board dweller?

    • fyi..... - 4.5%

    • Here's what is amazing. Someone in the press managed to discover a deeply, deeply, and I mean deeply guarded secret: Intel's fabrication yields, economics, viability and future are different from those of the ARM foundries. And they published this secret in an article entitled "Moore’s Law seen hitting big bump at 14 nm".

      To do so, this member of the tech press utilized two parts of the head rarely if ever used in preparing articles to be released to the public. One part of the head is called the "eyes" and is used to gather information about things right in front of the face.The other seldom accessed part of the head (and known to be off-limits to all but a selected few journalists) is called the brain and it is used to process and interpret the information that comes from the eyes.

      Using this unique combination, this author managed to to figure out what no one ever suspected ever before. That Intel's and ARMs fabrication are NOT exactly alike. And that one is likely to continue for generation after generation producing better and better performance and profits while the other has already reached the level of diminishing returns and will now coast to a stop.

      This is truly astounding news and a magnificent job of detective work. But don't expect this information to become commonplace. Because it is very doubtful that many people can duplicate this feat of simultaneously using the little-know eyes with the little-known brain to verify that this difference does exist and that this difference is monumental in size.

      If fact, when put to the test with a group of Wall Street analysts, not a single one was able to focus on information directly in front of them while at the same time analyzing said information. After the test to a person all of the analysts said, "They look identical to me!"

      Yet now we are no longer blind. Amazing grace, now we can see!

      Let us be thankful, therefore, that the single member of the press able to manage such a monstrously difficult feat, also managed to publish it for all to see.

      Hosannas may now be expressed with enthusiasm and exuberance!!! But be warned: It may be another hundred years before this happens again...

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