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  • amdmonkey7 amdmonkey7 Jan 19, 2013 10:09 AM Flag

    A beautiful weekend for Teaparty johnny rebs. The Pres gets signed in for his 2nd term. Intel is fine.

    Intel is closer to the promised land than it was 12 months ago. (Massive growth)
    Unlike you teabagging rush limbutt listeners, Intel on a fast track to victory. Intel is not crying and predicting victory like your Hannity did. Intel is simply waiting for the good news announcements to come.
    Cap x spending up from 10 billion to 13 billion should be a good hint for those who are anal ists. yeah--Intel is investing for no reason right?
    Google Motorola phones
    Cisco DEAL
    Apple deal
    Likely all of them to come later this year and Intel will be looking back toward the 40 area where it flew by.
    WAHHH WAHHH I want my country back GOP nummmmbbbbskulls are now folding to Obummer on the debt ceiling. HAAA HAAA
    YEAH--we are drawing the line said they. We will hold on the fiscal cliff--NO
    On the debt ceiling--NO
    We will---NO
    Just shut the pluck up rightwing trashballs.

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    • My, aren't we angry today.

    • The Cisco and Apple deals will be huge but the Google-Motorola phone deal later this year which will bring Intel inside the best smart phone on the planet will become the opening for the promised land for Intel.
      Net profits exploding up will be a shock for the investment community but they will buy Intel and simply say that they always knew Intel would win. They are so full of it. I would trust Lance Armstrong denying drugs more than I trust Wall-street #$%$. By the way--we all knew it so what is the story? Another shocker--Baseball players like Sosa and Bonds used drugs to enhance there performance.
      Next thing we will be shocked to find that NFL players, not tested for those, are using them. HAAAA HAAA
      Yeah--we are surprised that football players smashing their heads for years end up brain dead?
      NO--people simply do not give a sheet.

      But Intel---Likely the profits this year will be 50% higher than projected and thus the stock explodes much higher.
      Yes--the republican party is in meltdown.
      If you think you got your rump kicked by Obummer, wait until a white Lib like Biden runs against you.
      He is an FDR dem and ready to put hurt on you unless Hillary runs in which case she will win 40 states and turn the GOP into a purely regional party non existent in the Midwest and the NE, and the West coast.

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