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  • galba_imperator galba_imperator Jan 19, 2013 12:36 PM Flag



    ummmm...all I can say to that is ....duhhhhh. What on earth do you think the excess CAPEX spending is all about?? duhhhhhh. I'll spell it out: get the margins on mobile chips as BIG AS POSSIBLE by going to the unprecedented 450 mm wafer.... Does your Harvard Business Professor recommend NOT making margins go up? And #$%$ does this have to with your notion of fossil CEO's who aren't addressing the future? If I were you, I'd take your simpleton argument over to Taiwan Semi and ARMH and ask them if they've notived that 14nm and 10nm are about to arrive and, gee, maybe their world is about to change? And when you go, I hope the door slams your A ess ess so hard it bleeds.

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