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  • chumpanid61 chumpanid61 Jan 20, 2013 12:20 PM Flag

    The world is porting to ARM

    Funny how you used to pump the company but now you just pump the stock price with ABSOLUTELY NO evidence that 5 years from now ARM will be in laptops and servers in a "big way" as you've said. Your time is now but you and ARM won't be so cocky down the road, and I can't WAIT to bring back alllll your old posts. Keep chirping, you're providing us with GOLD material.

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    • DESPERATE !!!!!!

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      • Funny how the ARM fanbois never want to talk about fabrication anymore. Two years ago they couldn't wait to talk about 20nm planar. Now they never, ever talk about 20nm, much less when ARM will have FinFET (never or so close to never it won't matter) in production.

        So, they have to crow about something.

        They can't talk about the fabless foundry model. It's broken.
        They can't talk about their power efficiency advantage. It's gone.
        They can't talk about Intel not being able to make a competitive smartphone. They already have.
        They can't really talk about 28nm. It's already obsolete with Intel in full-volume production on 22nm.
        They can't talk about ARM Windows RT. It's a disaster.
        They can't talk about ARM's 80 P/E ratio and it's bubble trouble.

        The result is that they are left with talking about the ARM64 vaporware that will be DOA whenever it arrives. But at least it has to arrive before it can be declared totally DOA, providing a tiny bit of room for discussion.

        Such is the new life of the fanbois. Let the crocodile tears begin...

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