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  • paul.ottelini paul.ottelini Jan 21, 2013 10:21 AM Flag

    Wallis: regarding Intel based smartphones in U.S.

    After Ottelini's comment about an LTE phone by Intel being available during MWC of 2014, what do you think?
    I've been waiting to upgrade my non smartphone cell phone since April of 2012 to take advantage of the 2 year contract discount. I would very much like to have the Lenovo K900 phone or something similar with Intel inside, even though their is no 4 LTE. Do you think a non LTE version might pop up in the United States sooner than an LTE version or that's not possible?
    I was a little dissapointed to hear that it could take another year.

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    • Well, here is what was said:

      Question on an update acquisition of Infineon wireless. Where are you with 4G LTE and an integrated Atom chip? Progress with handsets?

      Otellini: Infineon is well on its way to LTE. Dual data and voice mode. First phones early next year. Very competitive solution. The Infineon team is known not for being first to market, but very good, and cost effective. In terms of integrated solutions, expect higher levels of integration next year.
      Smith: I’m struck by how hungry the customers (phone makers) are to work with us on this.

      [Hard to say what is going to be available in the US and when but I expect we'll know after MWC 2013 in February. As I stated in a previous post I don't think this will delay Intel's mobility traction although it's a disappointment for us in the US. The plan seems to be high demand markets first and then on up. Hard to argue with that strategy. In the next year they will be ready to address all markets. I was enthused to hear the remark about how hungry the customers (phone makers) are to work with Intel. They want to break the Qualcomm monopoly. That's great news...]

      [In the meantime you might want to try an iPhone or Samsung Note 2. Either will give you a basis of comparison with the Intel phone when it comes out...]

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      • Thanks for your thoughts. I have already tried an iPhone. The experience was bad in terms of calls. But nevertheless, I'm still using the old version of the iPhone to maintain access to Apple apps. I will consider the Samsung phone, but will compare it to a Motorola Razr. Either way, both will give me experience with Android apps. Hopefully, Verizon will allow me to upgrade after a year so I will be ready to jump on an Intel based phone as soon as they come out. Thanks again.
        I noticed that comment too by the way, about how hungry phone makers are to work with Intel.

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    • Here is part of what I believe is shaping Intel's LTE plan.

      As a newcomer in the smartphone market it appears Intel prefers to prove itself in the emerging market and entry level products initially. Since the ROW still heavily uses 3G, there is not a particular rush for Intel to have LTE, at least until they are ready to enter the U.S. market with the full package they are ready to compete head-to-head against Apple and Samsung's finest. Also smartphone growth in the U.S. is beginning to slow as most consumers that can afford smartphone plans have purchased already. In contrast, ROW and emerging markets is growing faster than the U.S. market where subscribers are mostly in the replacement cycle.

      In short, I believe Intel's LTE plans are coordinated with its market entry strategy because:
      1). The growth is faster outside the U.S.
      2). It's initial products are a better fit and the competition is still open for new brands
      3). LTE is not a driver for ROW today
      4). Ottellini's comment suggests that Intel is preparing to put its LTE product lineup against the top tier smartphones early next year, roughly concurrent with its 14nm parts.

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