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    Intel gets go-ahead for $4 billion chip plant in Ireland, will produce its next-gen 14nm processors

    Intel has been planning to make its Ireland base one of three global manufacturing sites for its 14nm chips since May last year, and its now been given the okay by Ireland's lead planning agency. The new $4 billion plant will create around 4,300 jobs for the region in Co. Kildare, where Intel already has around 4,000 on staff. The two-year plan involves redeveloping its existing operation, expanding and shifting to make its smaller, more efficient 14nm process. Intel's plans don't stop there, however. It still plans to roll out 10nm products sometime in 2015.


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    • Samsung will bury Apple why : because Samsung has fabs - every chip (AP, NAND, LPDRAM and even LTE) is made by Samsung - and so is the display. Samsung cuts out the middleman.None of the other fabless ARM players will be able to compete with Samsung.

      I don't recall Intel not being slammed for increasing capex - WS stupidity in regards to capex is mind blowing.
      Samsung = Korean capital
      TSMC/UMC/SMIC = Chinese capital
      Glofo = Oil capital

      Apple created the Samsung monster because of short term profit pleasing WS -
      Samsung bundled AP chip, NAND, LPDRAM and display and gave Apple a "deal" -
      Apple basically funded its worst competitor (without knowing it?)
      SNDK says NAND pricing is firming and LPDRAM is highly profitable for Samsung

    • intel is wasting money doing this. They are not making the right designs and trying to fab in goodness, as we all know, save 3 of us, it does not work. Most partners are still mad about the monopoly days and avoid Intel.

    • At this point, it might take until 2015 to get this pig up $1...Pathetic !

    • Intel's tick-tock strategy already outpaced others in the industry but since last year they have essentially doubled the pace of its die shrinks to where they are doing this about every 12 months. 2012 delivered volume production of 22nm, 14nm will occur next year and 10nm the year after. Everyone knows die shrinks make chips faster, more efficient and capable of supporting new features, but they often forget that die shrinks reduce the marginal cost of each chip giving Intel pricing and gross margin advantage.

      The extra CAPEX analysts were complaining about in the CC will be more than returned in increased margins and strategic advantage.

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      • As Intel accelerates its move to lower process geometries, Intel will take nVidia out first....then Qualcomm.

        Samsung may be the only ARM vendor who can survive due to vertical integration and captive consumption - that is, if they can keep their Exynos price/performance competitive. Otherwise, under threat of the market moving away from their devices, even Samsung will have to capitulate.

        We will see.

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