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  • coinmaker77 coinmaker77 Jan 25, 2013 1:13 PM Flag

    Is the 4% dividend a reason to hold?


    The real ? is what kind of return do you want and what time frame, If you were in a CD getting .05% for a year or cash gettting nothing. Maybe a bond paying under the 2% . You made a smart move if your time frame is longer than a week. You are getting paid 4.26 % annually to wait for INTC to move higher. If INTC move back to $25 with the 4% dividend and you sell then you will make about 13-14% on your money. If INTC goes higher than $25 over the year and you sell You will make more.
    Most people would love to make 14% every year
    If INTC goes down like it has for you. Your getting paid 4.26 % annually to wait. Which is better than a CD,cash and bonds

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • I agree with you 100%. However, the majority of my funds are invested very conservatively. This account was for fun/trading. Something to get excited about every morning. Occasionally I get stuck in a trade for a week or so, but never this long. Curious, where do you think it ends up by year's end? Think $25 realistic?

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      • A 230K holding for fun and you pick a dead dividend stock to trade? and now you are getting concerned about being down 20K. I would assume if this if for "fun" your portfolio is multi millions so if you get anxious over a small short term decline you probably shouldnt trade.

        You are about to get a 2.2K payment and if all you really care about is getting back to even sell the 1/14 22 covered calls for another 11K and you will either make four percent over the year or collect the 11K premium now plus another 9K between now and then in dividend payments and still have the 10k shares.

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