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  • will_amd_yu will_amd_yu Jan 25, 2013 4:18 PM Flag

    According to Annandtech, Intel's lexington low cost phone is sold for $126

    in Africa, and probably in India.

    Even The chinese cellphone chip companies like Mediatek, can't keep up with this price.

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    • Wow, really ??

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Obviously Intel can profitably sell Medfield, or Clovertrail even, for about $10 as I said they could.

      Paul Otellini: 'we will not lose a design win on price'

    • Thoughts on this guy's opinion of the price?

      1 day ago

      $126 dollars for Kenya - is VERY EXPENSIVE phone considering that most people in developing countries live for a $1/day or even less. So this is useless. The accessible price for Africa/India/China need to be in range of $30 for a phone.

      Also Intel need to stop spending billons of $$$ on the archaic and dead-end "Atom" architecture. Noone needs this power-hungry and low-performance chips. Intel wants to make the same monopoly on smarphones like it did on PC market - where it just collecting the fees from OEM's like mafioso cartel boss..but it won't work here - noone will pay same cuts like PC OEM's - there's a freedom of choise with ARM chips on smarphone market - which are cheaper and better for manufacturers.

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      • If $126 is too expensive for Kenya then the Kenyans sure won't be buying $600 Galaxy S3's will quad core ARM processors. And where is the freedom of choice for ARM? Everyone buys their license for ARM's proprietary technology from one company. At the end of the day, manufacturers will buy the technology they will believe will sell and make them money.

      • This guy is clueless. Each of the emerging market economies have sizable affluent/middle class populations that chase status goods like there is no tomorrow and have the cash to spend on them.

        Note that he has mentioned China. Tim Cook, Apple CEO, just mentioned a day or two back that China is shaping up to be one of Apple's best markets.

        And his second paragraph shows that he is irrationally anti-Intel while his grammatical errors/typos shows that is just a basher...and a poor one at that.

      • which are cheaper and better for manufacturers.

        Yeah ARM is becoming the California gold rush - they are all piling in.
        Who got rich during the gold rush?
        Not the miners - the guys that supplied the equipment
        Another great day for semi equip stocks
        well you ARM people now have no choice and you WILL have to bite the bullet
        No more cheap ARM SoCs
        And Intel will have the last laugh
        that poor suckers that still short Intel for pennies

    • Mediatek, can't keep up with this price.

      According to DT Mediatek still can't get enough 28nm wafers - and TSMC asking vendors to pull in delivery schedule.
      TI smelled the coffee first.
      Lots of ARM posters talking 20nm - besides technical issues cost will be surging.
      Even East acknowledges it...
      Look at NVDA's wafer price projection it's certainly not "Bohr propaganda".

      But everybody "concerned" about Intel's margin - completely oblivious with respect ARM eco system margins.
      How long can the analysts keep this up

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