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  • mystk7 mystk7 Jan 29, 2013 7:26 AM Flag


    "If Apple moves the fab business to Intel, Samsung will have lost a total of $20-30 billion in component business from Apple in the course of the "war." If the Intel mobile products are good enough, the Samsung mobile division might have to cut off their own chip division and use Intel products.

    How Does This All Play Out From Here?

    I believe the Mobile business will self organize around an Apple Axis and a combined WinTel and Android/Intel Axis. Let's coin a new word for this; "AnTel", there, you heard it first here.

    The device winners will offer a "set" of mobile devices that are compatible with each other and will be operated by a common hardware architecture and a common operating system. The set will be comprised of a conventional WinTel notebook computer (fast boot, 2.5 lbs, SSD, and 10 hour battery time, 13" and 15" models) and, what looks like, a seven inch tablet computer with high end products on Win 8 and Intel iCore processors and low end products will use "AnTel" with Atom based SoCs, and an AnTel smartphone also with an Intel Atom based Application Processor."

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    • would be funny to see intel get all of apple just as apple is turning to shi*t

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      • Wouldn't matter. It would all be incremental volume for Intel on the iOS side.

        History repeating itself. Apple will likely be pushed to a smaller market share due to its high-cost, vertically integrated approach and become a niche player like it is in PCs. But they will be around.

        Again, for Intel, it would be incremental 10 million SoCs, or 20, or 40, or 60...we will take it.

        As far as logic semis are concerned, Intel will be an arms merchant once its CPUs/SoCs deliver more on the power/performance front.

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