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  • raystock48079 raystock48079 Jan 31, 2013 5:47 PM Flag

    I was able to get the stockholders to sell today as posted

    INTC was down as I told you it would,

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    • Remember, a stopped clock is right twice a day. A stock can only go up or down so a person should have a fifty percent chance of guessing the direction so why does Raystock only average ten percent correct guesses?

    • Raystock is the biggest dimwit posting on yahoo message boards. Here is one of his clueless idiotic posts from the aapl message board

      "I will prove my power over AAPL share price by not letting the share price go over 14.35 today
      by raystock48079 . Dec 17, 2012 11:27 AM . Permalink
      I will be right again today as always. I am the controller so I can't
      be wrong."

      What could be funnier, he claimed that he can't be wrong yet posted that the aapl share price was under $14.35 on 12/17/12 !!!!

    • Raystock pretends to control share prices but he hates the fact that he can't delete his past postings which prove beyond doubt that not only does he not control share prices, he can't even guess which direction the share prices will go!!!

      Look here and laugh as Raystock posted that he was buying aapl cheap when it was trading at $661.31

      "I am taking this stock down today so we can buy real cheap time to buy now
      by raystock48079 . Oct 2, 2012 1:31 PM . Permalink
      WE have started buying shares now"

      Another real laugh is when Raystock posted that aapl should be bought at $572.30 because he would never let it go lower

      "Re: Re: We sols all are shares and we have started buying again
      by raystock48079 . Dec 4, 2012 2:19 PM . Permalink
      I will not let AAPL go down again to 572.30 ever again. So don't think
      you will be able to buy at a lower price."

      Raystock fun fact When Raystock posts that he has bought shares and the share price goes down rather than admit to being underwater or at a loss he posts that it was he that took the share price down.

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