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  • amdsuckks amdsuckks Feb 5, 2013 2:07 PM Flag

    WAH WAH--I want my freaking country back you surrender monkey republicans.

    I thought you were going to go Clint Eastwood and hold strong against Obummer but now I see you are in complete surrender mode like a Confederate seeing Sherman Yankees in Georgia.
    Yeah I see--all you GOP governors who said you WOULD not do Obama care are all caving and saying it is great now. Arizona and Ohio governors looking like Obummers little bbbtccches. Pathetic.

    I will hold up in a hole under my yard and make sure that I have food for years. I do not need sex, I am #$%$. I do not need work--I am retired and useless.
    Yeah sure--I could go help young people and be nice but I would rather cry like an old angry Rushfatbaugh man.
    I would rather suck my own #$%$ that give into you Libs.
    You Libs say suck your #$%$ too?
    I will ask Clint and get back to you on that.
    Intel to 40 and my Repuke party to hhhaeeeeelll.

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