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  • wallisweaver wallisweaver Feb 13, 2013 10:02 PM Flag

    61% Downside Ahead For ARM Holdings As Lofty Expectations Meet Harsh Reality

    [Don't miss Ashraf's informative article as he identifies quite a few of the sharp pointy objects that the ARM Bubble is descending towards. I think his evaluation of the stock value at $16.80 is a bit high but it's in the ballpark...]

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Fine pompous shill, we got your message for the umpteenth time. Why don't you diversify? Go to the ARMH message board and bash the stock there, and for the first time in your pathetic prognostication history assign a "strong sell" sentiment to ARMH.

    • Ashraf' writes well but his articles are riddled with inconsistencies and errors. In this latest one he confuses royalty and licence revenues and thinks ARM 64 bit is just an ISA extension. He also skips over important changes in the IP world, such as the (sad) demise of MIPS, ARM's main competitor in the CPU IP space. The end of MIPS happened with the rise of the ARM's share price over the last few months (which is a better argument than his East speaks view). MIPS also gives us an idea of what ARM's IP assets are worth (it's patents) and more importantly it's sped up the adoption of the new ARM 64 ISA with architecture licences from key MIPS customers, Broadcom and Cavium. He also skips over other important aspects of ARM's business such as the physical IP business (Artisan) and what this means for the future.

      I may share his ARM 'overvalued' view, but the reality is that the bulk of his arguments are flawed.

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      • 'and thinks ARM 64 bit is just an ISA extension.'

        What is it more than that ? Are you referring to the doubling of the usable registers from 16 to 32, well x86 did that too going from 8 to 16 so Atom has that in its pocket too.

        'such as the (sad) demise of MIPS, '

        Only the current company is gone, the MIPS ISA is still alive and well under Imagination Technologies control now who will probably make better use of it, I really don't see any connection with ARMH's rise. Broadcom and Cavium are also not stopping making MIPS processors.

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