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  • wallisweaver wallisweaver Feb 25, 2013 11:23 PM Flag

    Intel iQ Zine--A Neat Step into a Messy Puddle

    [This is pretty cool. Intel is looking less stodgy all the time...]

    Last week, with some fanfare, Intel, the world’s leading microprocessor company went into the media business with a new kind of online publication. It’s called iQ.

    This is no old-fashioned e-newsletter IT or B2B purchasing agents. iQ is a state-of-the-art zine
    trying to appeal to just about anyone who consumes news online. It uses a tiled Flipboard-style format, presents both aggregated and original content, which it categorizes into three categories: Media, Life and The Planet– pretty much covering everything this side of alien abductions.

    Other than the cover credit of “curated by Intel,” I found no mention of Intel or microprocessors. But I found two interesting reads on solar race cars and prosthetics for dolphins.

    The second is by the Intel curators–a cadre of 160 social-media certified Intel employees, who are picking and sharing what they like online. The content is reviewed by two editors before it is posted on iQ, and the most popular get larger display tiles, again using crowd preference to determine prominence.

    All content includes technology but the focus is not. This is an end-user publication and would not appeal to deep technologists. I would assume a great many of the topics being covered involve products powered by Intel, but on the surface, that appears to be besides the point.

    “We are following technology and all the wonderful places that it goes. Very often Intel was
    involved somewhere along the line, but that’s not what we are covering,” Bryan G. Rhoads, editor-in-chief told me.

    Rhoads is also the zine’s designer and has been among those working on the project for about a year. He is one of two editors who review content before it is posted, and is responsible for a food deal of the original content you see at iQ such as the dolphin prosthetic story.

    Rhoads told me the new zine is designed to take maximum advantage of touchscreen technology and sees iQ moving further toward mobile. He emphasized the current version is beta with “a great many” innovations coming in the short term.

    From a branding perception, bypassing it’s business customers and reaching out to their respective customers is nothing new for Intel. The company has been consumerizing microprocessors with the venerable Intel Inside® campaign since January 1991 when the company built a Disneyland-type booth for attendees to tour the inside of a Pentium chip at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas.

    iQ is a neat and slick little zine, and in the short-term I would guess that it will be generally well received.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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