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  • bacbacker bacbacker Feb 26, 2013 10:29 PM Flag

    Samsung abandoning their Exynos (A15) chips for their next Galaxy products could mean exit from SoC design business

    Samsung abandoning their Exynos (A15) chips (due to overheating and power issues) for their next Galaxy products could mean exit from SoC design business. Could mean the end of their fabs too. Samsung may decide to go with Intel chips in the the future.

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    • Just curious. Where did you see this statement? It would be stunning for Samsung to announce that their new design was the last of the series.

      End of their fabs? Samsung builds a large part of the DRAMs sold. I doubt that they would abandon their fabs and contract out DRAM business to someone else. Their costs would not allow them any prospect of being profitable.

    • This clearly proves that companies want the best technology available for their finished products. (Except for maybe Apple) Intel is very close to having the chips EVERYBODY (except for maybe Apple) wants in their phones, tablets, cars, etc...

    • Exynos is a "big-little" endeavor that a previous poster hyped. It is going to be a big failure. Samsung "temporarily" abandoned it because it has issues. So they are using another vendors chipset. Nvidia took a different and better approach to solve the power/performance problem with ARM chip designs. While I don't see Samsung getting out of the fab business it is possible that they leave the high performance chips designs to someone else. Samsung really is really geared more toward the storage market.

    • Man this is significant. I cannot see Samsung wanting their fate in the hands of TSMC or the other foundries. Intel and Samsung would make me much happier than Intel and Apple.

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      • Samsung is already using Intel chips in its tablet with attachable keyboard at Bestbuy.
        The tablet looks just like the Galaxy tablet and it connects very nicely to a keyboard turning it into a tablet. Best thing is that it runs all the microsoft software. So Samsung has already beat Apple to having best in class chips for their tablets. With Google's help, Samsung could really leave Apple in the dust.

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