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  • justfine790 justfine790 Feb 28, 2013 4:12 PM Flag

    Samsung answers question from Intel and Apple engineers at the ISSCC

    Slideshow: Samsung cagey on smartphone SoC at ISSCC

    How do you know when to switch between the big bank of A15s and the little bank of A7s, asked the ADI engineer in a counter-punch.

    “I am just a circuit engineer, not the software guy--they can explain about this,” he said, again deflecting the question and getting a laugh from the audience.

    Samsung’s answers were actually very revealing, according to David Kanter, a blogger and analyst of processor technology. “The fact that the switching is controlled at the software level tells you it’s slow,” he said.

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    • ARM believed they could simply scale up their design and achieve the same power efficiency they had always enjoyed. It's easy to understand how they could be ignorant of performance scaling issues because their only domain has been low-end. Software switching? Intel's engineers must be rolling in the aisles.

    • I have been saying since this topic was brought up that big-little was a waste. More importantly it is becoming a big joke in the industry. Telling from the same article is this comment:

      "An Analog Devices engineer went next, digging deeper."Does it really make sense to burn up to six times the power in an array of ARM Cortex A15 cores for just twice the performance of an array of A7s?," he asked."

      Big little is a failure. Samsung Exynos is a failure. No one will ever use that chip except Samsung. DAng I am glad Intel has such weak competition.

    • One of the commnets:
      2/28/2013 3:46 PM EST

      big.Little is nothing but a big failure of ARM. The power is going thru the roof to get minor performance gain. ARM has lost the power battle to Intel

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