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  • getanid61 getanid61 Mar 1, 2013 12:03 PM Flag

    On the hunt for the Surface Pro’s missing battery life

    Microsoft’s Surface Pro is an odd duck. On the one hand, it offers the performance and x86 compatibility that Surface RT lacks. It’s also far faster than Clover Trail-based tablets, which use Intel’s low-power Atom processor. This performance, however, comes at a cost. The Surface Pro’s battery life is substantially worse than Surface RT or Atom-based tablets, it’s significantly heavier (2 pounds, compared to 1.5 for RT) and it’s noticeably thicker than low-power designs.


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    • Comments from the review ...

      'Surface RT’s copy performance is terrible. Throughput is limited to 12.5MB/sec, less than half of Clover Trail’s. RT complements its poor performance with high power draw; its MB/s throughput-to-power consumption ratio is 1.39 compared to the Samsung’s 3.8. Surface Pro is twice as fast as the Ativ, thanks to USB 3.0, but that speed comes at a cost — file copying draws 18W of power, nearly 2.5x as much as Clover Trail. Surface Pro’s throughput-to-watt ratio is correspondingly lower, at 3.08.

      If you’ve been considering a Surface RT but don’t want to re-encode a library of MKV files, we’ve got good news for you. There’s an app available from the Windows Store (PressPlay) that converts MKV files into a format that the tablet can play. The bad news? Files have to be converted every time you view them, there’s no option to save in the converted format, and the playback stutters. Files that played flawlessly via Media Player Classic on Surface Pro and the Samsung Ativ stuttered when opened using PressPlay.

      We decided to test the file conversion and power consumption using a 8.75GB MKV file as a baseline. The video output couldn’t play back smoothly on any platform, but benchmarks available across all three platforms are few and far between.

      Surface RT performs remarkably poorly here. It draws more power than Clover Trail, and takes more than twice as long to perform the same task. Real compatibility with MKV files remains a pipe dream for RT users, though the appearance of PressPlay gives us hope that a real solution will present itself.'

    • Bottom line is that Surface Pro is selling very well. Folks who actually buy it and use it, like it even if a few pundits don't.

    • It weighs half of a lb more and it is significantly heavier? Whoever wrote this must needs some serious muscle up training at a local gym?

    • Yeeps! Just read this entire thread and it's a new low for GETANID61. The man has no shame. Typical internet troll that claims victory no mater what happens in the market. Best to put goobers like him on ignore.

    • All of that is true so it would make sense that anyone interested in today's Surface Pro is willing to accept the weight, the battery life and the thickness for the unparalleled performance it delivers. Once Haswell arrives the weight, battery life and thickness will be so close to today's underperforming tablets the difference won't be important but the Haswell tablet will still be more powerful than the rest.

    • Funny to watch your sour grapes over RT aborting at birth. PS, check Amazon and Best Buy CUSTOMER reviews and over and over you'll read that people are actually cool with the batter life of 5.5 hours. Ya think Intel is going to sit around and not put better chips with longer battery life in the Pro quickly? Again, your sour grapes over RT failing miserabily are hilarious. What was it Samsung said about RT Tablets? Oh yeah, they said "NO THANKS." LMAO! Don't bother to reply with ARM's stock price since you can't prove that you own any and actually said about a year and a half ago that you DIDN't own any ARM.

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