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  • lucysuxwang lucysuxwang Mar 5, 2013 8:46 PM Flag

    ARMH closed at a 52 week high today

    Shame people have nothing good to say about Intel and instead try to lesson a competitor who's stock price is leaving Intel's in the dust.

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    • gregory.lynn Mar 6, 2013 8:02 AM Flag

      I have plenty of good things to say about ARMH at 44, like how much money can be made shorting it.

    • ARMH is having its moment in the sun. That is fine for their shareholders for now. In my opinion, they were in the right place at the right time. It is important to understand the difference between ARMH and Intel. Although both are in the microprocessor area, ARMH is more of a licensing company then they are a chip building company. Intel designs and builds its own processors. They are apples and oranges. The other thing is that past performance is not indicative of future results. I am prone not to look in the rear view mirror to see where I am going to go. I purchased INTC at 20.5 very recently not 5 years ago and added more a couple of days ago. So far that is a nice positive gain in a short amount of time. Not sure what the point of your post is by posting on an INTC board bragging about ARMH but I will only say that over the next year, I expect that INTC will outperform ARMH and that is really all I care about when I invest. A year ago everyone said how great APPLE because it went up so much now a lot of people hate it because it is off 40%. Perceptions change when the market turns against your company. ARMH had a market all to itself for awhile in much the same way that APPLE did. Just as APPLE is experiencing real competition and having a hard time adjusting, I see the same thing is going to happen with ARMH. Intel is going after that market big time this year. Now if you are not concerned about an inflated multiple to earnings then fine stay with ARMH but some of us buying INTC we are buying it because it makes a lot of sense to buy a company that is trading at 9x earnings pays an over 4 percent dividend and is a proven competitor in the market place vs one at over 40 pe with a .5 percent dividend with a shorter track record. Intel underestimated the growth in mobile but make no mistake they are fixing this fast.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I have plenty of good things to say about Intel but it's not going to stop me from saying that the emperor (ARM) is not wearing any clothes. There is nothing unfair about saying that ARM should be fairly valued at a price that doesn't support a ridiculously large P/E ratio. ARM is a fine company. Although some of their executives are total horse's rear ends. But it doesn't mean people should be bashful about exposing their grossly excessive valuation.

      Did I mention that they are grossly overvalued? They can't possibly continue to grow earnings like they need to to maintain that P/E ratio with their fading fabrication...

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      • ARM is firmly entrenched in mobile -- 95% market share. All the SoC design tools natively support ARM as do the foundry's, the operating system vendors and the development tool vendors. In other words they have a mature ecosystem that enables the development of systems based on their IP. From this vantage point, they can easily start addressing systems level markets that they haven't yet addressed such as servers, PCs and devices in the internet of things. It's going to be very difficult to stop their growth in such markets because their IP licensing business model enables very cheap computing systems that the vertically integrated silos (such as Intel) can't compete with. This has the potential to significantly increase their licensing and royalty revenues. This is what the market sees and that's why ARM is going up.

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