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  • wallisweaver wallisweaver Mar 24, 2013 11:07 PM Flag

    What We know Now

    We know that the end of the ARM era has arrived

    We know Haswell will be here soon perhaps in less than a month to kick things off.

    We know that Intel will be shipping the 22nm Silvermont Atom SoC this year and the 14nm Airmont Atom SoC in 2014. Intel is shrinking Atom chips every year. We know that the ARM world fears Intel's move to 22nm SOC's but it's the move to Airmont that literally strikes terror into their hearts.

    We know that Intel’s integrated 4G/LTE solution will be here in 9-12 months.

    We know that the arguments from the ARM world now center around band-aids like big.little and the fairly short wait for Intel’s LTE solution to arrive. Their argument about getting traction in PCs disappeared when the RT not only failed to excite customers but resulted in many saying that the product should be discontinued.

    We know that Intel will soon be two process nodes ahead of ARM and will maintain this advantage for years.

    We know that the Altera deal completely changed the competitive landscape by clearly demonstrating that companies really want and will get in line and pay for Intel's advanced fabrication and technology. We know now that many more discussions are taking place and that Intel will be able to pick and choose the ones that it wants.

    We know that Apple is in huge trouble and needs Intel more than Intel needs them. Samsung is beating Apple like a drum. Apple better make a move and they better do it quick.

    We know that Intel expects to see solid in growth in networking and data centers as well as in mobility.

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    • I'm replying under your original post (yahoo issue), but thanks for explaining. I understand what you were talking about being 9-12 months away. Thanks ... and to bac also.

    • You mentioned 4G/LTE will be here in 9-12 months. From INTC's website (binged "xmm 7160") and the first two sites (Intel's) that come up talk about it ... pretty good testing data compared to other 4G/LTE (actually tops), but it mentioned this, "Intel is currently shipping its single mode 4G LTE data solution and will begin multimode shipments later in the first half of this year."

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      • Intel doesn't have integrated 4G/LTE until 14nm which is end of 2014 at the earliest. Till then they can't compete with Qualcomm's S600 and S800 for the remainder of the Android smartphone market outside of Samsung.

      • the integrated LTE chip for 22nm atom, Merrifield (for phones), might be the 'XMM 7260'. The XMM 7160 is a 32nm chip.


        We might see a CloverTrail+ phone with LTE 4G from ZTE or Acer...or even from Lenovo, if they decide to add the XMM 7160 to the K900.

      • Well, that would be the integrated LTE chip. That's the one the fanbois are trying to get traction on by referencing 2014 when it's only 9-12 months away. You are correct about the XMM 7160. The integrated chip is not really an issue but the fanbois have very little to rebut the end of the ARM era...

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