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  • bacbacker bacbacker Mar 28, 2013 1:43 PM Flag

    Why is Intel building so much capacity?

    Stacy Smith, Intel's CFO:

    "...I think that we have line of sight into what our customers are designing around Haswell which is this year's innovative new core product and Broadwell which is next year. So we know the specs on those. The customers know the specs on those. I have seen the prototypes of the industrial designs. They are really exciting products. Our customers have not had this level of performance in this kind of form factor before.

    To some extent, we are branch predicting that that level of product will generate sufficient excitement to keep the client growth going. In none of our numbers are we projecting an inflection point, upwards or downwards. We see renewed growth around these new form-factors."
    aeassa posted this link in the other mb:
    Intel already had working 14nm Broadwell chips running windows 8 almost a year ago!
    read this article:
    Competitors are struggling just to get to 22nm planar...they are not going to get to 14nm FinFET any time soon
    [CONCLUSION: Intel is already working with OEMs on a range of products..they know what is coming and they know they need this capacity!]

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