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  • wallisweaver wallisweaver Mar 30, 2013 6:46 PM Flag

    Help Wanted

    A few good shills wanted to constantly post highly negative flotsam and jetsam to the Intel Message Board.

    No expertise required.
    Wet blanket personality preferred.
    The ability to consistently whine, moan and complain without actually saying anything is preferred.
    You must have in your possession a computer not older than 12 years and know how to turn it on.
    The ability to type in coherent sentences is not required and not preferred.
    The ability to create new snappy user IDs on a daily or hourly basis is preferred.
    The ability to type in repetitive CAPS is preferred.


    Your own 4 foot by 4 foot cubicle.
    Ten cents a post. The same phrase cannot be repeated more than 12 times in any given day or more than 500 times in any given three month period.
    The chance to work with other former professionals from the pizza delivery trade.


    To apply just reply to any of the existing shills on the board. They are easy to spot. If you have trouble just use the code phrase: "I'm a disgruntled former Intel employee, psychologically incapable of moving on..."

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    • Intel has lost its edge. There used to be a time when Intel would make an announcement and major allignments in the industry would change in direct consequence. Today, its mostly yawns. The reason for this has been a string of recent tall claims that have not been backed up with products that met those claims. As a result, while Intel is still making major claims about its mobile aspirations, the industry for the most part recognizes these as aspirations and also realizes that Intel is not in a position to dictate to its customers in mobile. Intel is used to doing this from its PC heydays. This is one reason for the series of missteps that have sullied its reputation as a company that delivers. If you go inside, you find that the problems with Intel have become systemic. It doesn't have the nimble decision making ability in a dynamic business environment that some of its smaller and smarter competitors such as ARM do. As an example look at the CEO change that has just happened and is in the process of happening at both these companies. From an investor's standpoint, Intel appears much like it appears to other players in the industry -- someone that has lost their reputation for quality.

    • singhlion2001 got confused and applied again, demonstrated his ability to easily switch to the shrill all Caps and just for good effect yelled "TORA! TORA! TORA!" for the 50 billionth time.

      He must want a second cublicle.

      Lion Broadcasing roars again: Meow, meow, meow...

      How do you assume that all here are paid bashers?lol
      what about paid pumpers like you?lol

      Billions of share in the float: Pumping or bashing screams here have no effect on the stock



      Fraud street Casino Criminal Shill Analysts will never warn retail and Neither the managements do, So instead of having real civil debate , every one is bashing each other

      Lion Broadcasting brings you harsh reality facts, Ignore it indulge to do your own DD

      Intel Monopoly has been dismantled and that is a Fact. I still say Intel is Great Company but as trader or a investor one nee to loot at future of stock price based on future road map............

      and Intel si going to be range bound in 2013 ($23-$18)
      Intel will make new lows in 2014 and that is why Lion roars single digits.

      Retail problem here is very biased on bull or bear frontiers

      If one is trading , focus on the range
      If one is long term investor, he should think about Growth or should be satisfied with dividend yield here to hold.

      Lion broadcasting recommends trading range with a -ve bias going forward.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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