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  • wallisweaver wallisweaver Mar 31, 2013 11:13 PM Flag

    Why you should never underestimate Intel

    "...Third, Intel TV. The company is working on a set top box for introduction in 2013. Intel TV has long been a rumor in Silicon Valley but Intel finally confirmed the effort in February. The idea is a set-top box, sold directly to consumers, that works with a service that combines live TV, video on demand, and a catch-up component similar to the BBC's iPlayer that lets viewers watch anything that aired on BBC within the last week.

    This may sound like just another set top box, such as the one you've already got on top of your TV from a cable company, but there are significant differences. Intel TV is independent of what broadband pipe you use. Intel TV won't care if you use coaxial cable, fiber optic cable or wireless access. You'll be able to switch providers with no effect on your TV service. You'll be able to move across town or across country and keep the same TV service -- just as you do now with your phone number when you switch service providers. It's built around the concept of cloud-based content from the beginning. (Not surprising given the number of server chips Intel sells already.) So a user might have access to every program for seven days (the BBC model) without having to record them on a home DVR because the content would be available in the cloud. And, finally, the service would be device neutral with delivery to every display you own from computer to TV to mobile phone."

    From MSN Money

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    • It only costs $699 dollars and uses only 150 Watts of power. Plus, you only need to reboot it three or four times a day, depending on how many times it overheats or blue screens. But, if you move, you don't have to change service providers. Wow!! What a relief!! All INTC has to do now is find suckers to sell content to it, change a few laws and get people to break their cable contracts. All pretty simple.

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