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  • semi_equip_junkie semi_equip_junkie Apr 3, 2013 12:11 AM Flag

    NVDA wafer price projections

    google NVDA deeply unhappy with TSMC, claims 20nm essential worthless and you can read the chart/table "wafer price is hiking up"
    eyeballing going from
    40nm to 28nm = 1.5 x
    28nm to 20nm = 2x
    20nm to 14nm = 3x

    This comes from NVDA ! That's NOT Intel propaganda -
    how is TSMC getting the necessary unit volume to ramp 14nm???
    the "happy days" are over ...TSMC 16nm FF is basically a 20nm chip - so shrink is limited
    quoting NVDA:
    the wafer price increase washes away any scaling benefits...
    Collaborate to move to bigger (450mm) wafers

    Here yo have the ARM camp demanding 450mm wafers and on the other side some brain dead like GS slamming Intel for investing longterm

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    • The problem is, and I have been saying this for awhile, is the yields on the 20nm are not that good so to make a 20nm chip that actually makes money they have to raise prices a lot. Intel can build a 22nm FinFet chip way cheaper then TSMC can build a 20nm planar chip. Another problem is if they can actually deliver the volumes that the industry needs. Intel is building out 450mm wafer fabs and so they are investing in a more efficient process for the future. Dumb bunny analysts call this "wasted" CAPEX but Intel is investing in future efficiency. Some of these people just don't get it. The battle isn't just shrinking the transistors that is important but maximizing manufacturing efficiency. Near as I can tell, Intel is winning both of those battles.

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