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  • wallisweaver wallisweaver Apr 6, 2013 9:51 PM Flag

    How Will ARM Sell Any Tablets?

    When Notebooks with 15-inch displays and running Windows 8 with Intel Ivy Bridge processors have been spotted in the wild selling for as cheap as $299, according to the bargain hunter site DealNews.

    That price, which includes 6GB of RAM and a 750GB hard drive, is $100 less than the best deals available during last year's Black Friday weekend.

    And these bargains will soon be available in tablet form factors. Why would anyone buy the limited performance of an ARM tablet when they can get full-blown computing for LESS?

    The ARM era draws to a close as Microsoft and Intel reunite to offer a highly superior and often less costly tablet experience. Not to mention Intel's superior Android products. Intel offers dual boot for the best of both worlds. ARM simply has nothing to compare...

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    • Intel and Microsoft have a great opportunity to put the "Win" back in the WINTEL alliance but while Intel is delivering extraordinary innovation and value, Microsoft continues to drag behind like a boat anchor. The tablet market left the station and Intel got on board. Microsoft needs to get their act in gear and make using full Windows 8 a compelling proposition on everything portable and small with extremely aggressive pricing because their are just too many useful alternatives at far lower price points.

      And, Microsoft still needs to fix the Start menu for desktop users and everything without touch screens.

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      • I'm in agreement on all points. Microsoft has a chance to provide a consistent OS across the complete ecosystem. Instead they have wasted their time with the failed RT effort. Microsoft needs Intel and its superior technology, fabrication and manufacturing to prosper not just in mobility but in the biosphere.

        And indeed they need to restore the old desktop for those who want it. I use 50 inch displays on two of my computers at home. No way do I want to get up and walk to the display to do anything...

    • Put an Apple and W8 in the hands of a child ....after 10 minutes they will choose the Apple. Same with Android vs. W8.
      MS needs to get its act together. fast.

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      • "Put an Apple and W8 in the hands of a child ....after 10 minutes they will choose the Apple. Same with Android vs. W8. MS needs to get its act together. fast."

        [Only if they are yours or Khitchdee's kids. The smart ones want real computing power. And most kids go to school and quickly find out what they can do on a tablet is extremely limited. It's Apple that is really behind now. They don't even have touch on their laptops. Google has moved past them.Maybe you've seen the Apple stock price lately. It confirms that few are impressed with Apple's innovation. Everyone is either moving up on them or moving past them. And if they don't strike a deal with Intel for fabrication it's going to get worse. Intel will soon be able to scale the Windows OS from desktops to smartphones. Apple's not even close to doing this. Intel has dual boot for the best of all worlds. I could go on and on. Next time put some substance in your post...]

      • Children don't buy computers, adults do. Well informed adults who have heard of Bill Gates and the silicon revolution ushered in by Intel. Apple is a relative new kid on the block and without Jobs will wilt to be a one trick pony. Wintel on the other hand is growing in leaps and bounds with the unqualified market success of W8 and touch enabled hybrid ultrabooks based on the game changing Haswell. At 10W, the UXP version will literally blow the socks off tablet customers with its unparalleled performance.

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