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  • luv2_bike luv2_bike Apr 7, 2013 11:47 AM Flag

    Oregon is a finalist for a massive electronics factory

    Does anyone know who is building this fab? Could it be Apple? This location being discussed is only a wafers thow away from several of Intels fabs.

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    • I heard a rumor today that made me believe my initial hunch may be true. It is Apple building something just up the road from Intel's Fabs in Oregon. What if it isn't a Fab like the article would have you believe but just like the article title states a "Massive Electronics Factory". Only a rumor but it could be the leak before the.... well I guess it is still only a rumor...

    • State lawmakers confirmed for the first time Thursday that Oregon is a finalist for a massive electronics factory that would invest up to $5 billion in the state and employ at least 1,000.
      With the potential development site in north Hillsboro under a legal cloud, they introduced a bill this week that could expedite the project by blocking land-use challenges. But lawmakers said they hope that courts will clear the 330-acre property by the end of this month, obviating the need for "emergency" legislation.

      "Project Azalea" is the code name for an unnamed industrial employer considering sites in Hillsboro and upstate New York -- and possibly elsewhere -- according to Oregon economic development officials.

      Word of the project leaked out late last year with details indicating that it's a computer chip factory, known as a fab. But specifics remain elusive -- especially the identity of the company behind the project. Only a handful of corporations build fabs on that scale.

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