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  • tljarvis1968 tljarvis1968 Apr 9, 2013 2:08 PM Flag

    Today's move up

    What do you all see as the reason for the move up today? Perhaps HPs announcement? Perhaps people on Wall Street are hearing news that INTC will beat expectations?

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    • I think it was a lot of things. HP announcement, Bejing IDF, and Google EU complaint. There are a lot of folks that are short INTC and MSFT going into earnings. I think those folks just don't want to be short now so they all covered at once. The Mantra that they have all been reciting for several weeks that Intel and Microsoft are dead being killed by ARMH and Android is dead now. It was killed by Bejing IDF and HP announcement mostly. IMO. It looks like my monster bet that Wallstreet was wrong payed off big today. Nearly 1/3 of my portfolio is in those 2 stocks. I am overjoyed today and have been pounding the table on those stocks for the past 3 months. Cheers.

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      • "The tech giant is riding the exciting news that its next-generation Thunderbolt will provide double the speed of its current form. Set to begin production in 2014, the new Thunderbolt will allow 4K video transfer with simultaneous display in addition to running at 20 Gbps -- the current version runs at 10 Gbps. Intel is also enjoying its head start on competitor ARM (NASDAQ: ARMH ) , with its new Avoton -- a "system-on-chip" for server customers. Intel has just announced that it has shipped out some samples of its latest Avoton chips to customers, with commercial availability coming later in the year. This is a huge win, since ARM's product isn't slated to be available until 2014."

        From the fool

      • I agree with you 100%. RT was the writing on the wall that ARM wasn't going to break the Wintel franchise and today's news only underlined that Wintel is alive and kicking and has been counted out for too long.

        But for those people who won't let go of the story you can ask them the following. "Intel has a GTM over 60% and runs its factories near full capacity. They are going to double their output production from 2012 to 2016 with new FABS. With all this new capacity that is two years ahead of everybody else, running at 14nm and 450mm wafers (eventually) , do you honestly think 1. These plants will sit idle 2. These plants will be making "stuff" at sub 40% GTM? "

        The "ARM has won the hearts and minds" mantra is meaningless. This isn't a battle about feelings, or teams or ideology. It's not really a technology battle as much as this is an economic battle.

      • Congratulations! You should have a beer and celebrate! I agree with you. After seeing articles spew the same mantra almost verbatim for 6 months - it becomes obvious they are not doing their homework - they are just regurgitating each others' theories.

    • Great question! I think it's a combination of the HP announcement (significant that it specified Intel instead of ARM architecture) and rumors of beating estimates before 3rd Friday (possible short squeeze).

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