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  • amdroaddkill2010 amdroaddkill2010 Apr 14, 2013 10:15 AM Flag

    Inflection point is here. Intel to go into direct sales of products.

    TV broadcast provider.
    A New CEO is coming and that old Intel business plan is dead and gone.
    By this, I do not mean Intel is not still the number one chip maker on the planet because it still is.
    Yes, Intel will attack back against Arm based chips and in doing so it will leave more dead and wounded competitors to be laughed at just was AMD.
    What will be the same though?
    1) Intel with great Fabs far ahead of any other company.
    2) The number one CPU maker for Personal and notebook computers.
    3) Number 1 in server chips

    What is NEW to come?
    1) Intel content provider for TV.
    2) Intel phone chips will domminate in a few years.
    3) Direct sales to people from Intel in multiple products as does Apple.

    Why does this market hate Intel so so much you ask?
    try 13 years with NO growth for a starter. Then add the idiotic failure to get into phones so far.
    of course, when you are down, the street loves to kick you and Intel has foot prints all over its rusting body. It needs that new CEO fast.

    So would I tell my friends and family to buy Intel now? NO
    BUT---I would gambal on a move myself. I know Intel fans would point out the dividend as a reason to own and it is good but I look for growth and Intel has been dead that way for a long long time.
    But all of this said, Take a look at this board and ask yourself this. Is it dead? YES
    is the street often a great counter indicator for when yo get into a stock? YES!

    When all is said to be hopeless. one should take a look.

    Also--I do agree with the Intel fans that in time, Intel will pull massively ahead of others in chips. The shrinks to come in the future from Intel will make it very difficult for others to keep up.
    BUT--when it comes to stocks, I think it is best to take one that is for sure than wait for better later.

    So what would happen if Intel were to make a deal with Apple?
    Is it for sure? NO
    BUT---a new CEO and Intel could be shipping Intel phones it makes itself sooner than we think.

    Sentiment: Hold

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