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  • dr.detroit403 dr.detroit403 Apr 14, 2013 2:41 PM Flag

    Question (no bashers and only serious)

    anyone see at least $24 by tues afternoon?

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    • tuesday afternoon 2018,,,,,,maybe.

      Sentiment: Sell

    • Intel closed at $21.67. The Apr 20th options have a very large open interest of PUTS at $21 ( 110k contracts ) and CALLS at $22 ( 150k contracts ). The option market maker opened up the $21.50 late last week. Without news, I would expect little movement. Negative ratings weigh on the stock. Earnings optimistic risk providing some lift.

      You can buy an APR 20th (expire at the end of the week) $21.50 STRADDLE for BID/ASK of 87/91 cents. If you buy the 91 cent $21.50 straddle, your breakeven price if you held till expire would be
      Higher: $21.50 plus .91 = $22.41
      Lower: $21.50 minus .91 = $20.59

      The biggest loss would be if Intel finished at $21.50 when you lose all 91 cents.
      Alternative strategy, to lessen a 91 cent loss, would be to sell (close) the position early to recover most of your 91 cents volatility bet if market is flat after earnings.

      IMO, there will be a lot of these straddle/strangle option trades on Monday and Tuesday. They will tend to cause Intel to orbit the strike prices. Expect Intel, without news, to trade pretty close to $21.50 or $21 or $22 on Monday/Tuesday. Without earnings, I would expect a finish near $21.50 on Friday close.

    • "anyone see at least $24 by tues afternoon?"

      [Nope, not til Wednesday morning. Well, unless shorts do some due diligence tomorrow. Not much chance of that...]

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