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  • dellyabq dellyabq Apr 16, 2013 2:01 PM Flag

    I Dont Have A Crystal Ball

    But I think Intel will dip after earnings. This news just came out. "Intel April 22 straddle priced for 3.8% move into Q1 04/16 16-Apr-13 11:52:00" First of all the mkts have peaked. There must be a little more room upwards here but after earnings season is over you will see profit taking in May. Secondly the bar has been lowered so drastically that everyone is expected to beat. Thirdly the feds QE's has helped only the elite 1% not the middle or the working class so the consumer is still in the hole. Only the rich have their finances back to normal before the 2008-2009 crash. The divergences in the indexes and the prices is not something one should ignore. If that's the case then the mkt might as well go to 18K on optimism and the fact that the Fed is not gonna slow down on asset buying anytime soon and create a bubble again. The CPI numbers this morning that inflation is at 0.2% is a bunch of fluff. Uncle Ben must be getting groceries from St. Felix's Pantry and living in a shelter overnight with Wally and Lucy Nuff. There will be better entry points to get into intel rather than todays price of 21.80. Goodluck

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