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  • joesmoe_y2k joesmoe_y2k Apr 18, 2013 10:42 AM Flag

    Windows 8 cause INTC drop

    NUC no drive? SSD too expensive Server chip not enough ....

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    • So many desktops and laptops being used to type "The PC is dead".

      Hiding the start button was enough to trigger riots on message boards. Oh yeah, we're ready to move on to the bright shimmering world promised by the ARM ecosystem. Too funny.

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      • You can buy systems with Windows 7 or Windows 8 today. The OS is an option.
        Few corporations have committed to Win8 because of additional OS support costs and lack of HW to take advantage of the touch interface.
        Companies are waiting for touch system choices and their own internal qualification to make the conversion. They will make it when their is an advantage. Now, IMO, they are simply waiting for the Haswell touch systems before making the change.

        WinXP to Vista conversion was for 64-bit support. That happed at an expected, moderate pace.
        Vista to Win7 conversion was for stability and performance. That conversion happened OVERNIGHT.
        Win7 to Win8 conversion is driven by TOUCH and a NEED for touch. Otherwise Win7 works fine and is an option when buying systems.

        Windows 8 caused no problems for Intel. Microsoft just decided they wanted to go ARM and did want any help from Intel. After Win8 introduction, Windows BLUE .... Intel has been asked to help.

    • A reason many don't like win 8 is they have no desire to touch/smear their screens.

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      • Absolutely true. I know web designers, graphic artists and video editors that go ballistic if someone points to something on the screen and accidentally smudges the screen with a finger. The last thing they want is anyone putting fingers on their large IPS panels. And touch panels for large monitors don't help because people's arm's aren't long enough to reach the edge of the screens.

        It is unfathomable how Microsoft could have been so misguided to want to force Metro on everyone and everything, and it's even more unfathomable why they haven't corrected it already.

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