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  • ashraf.eassa ashraf.eassa Apr 23, 2013 3:42 AM Flag



    ARM technicals are probably going to start looking good. They totally blew out the quarter. Granted, "beating" by $13M on the top line isn't a reason to add ~$1B to the market cap, but momo is irrational.

    The money for us will be squarely on long INTC. Not sure if short ARMH is safe for at least another 6 mos - 1 year.

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    • "They totally blew out the quarter."

      [You must have read a different report than I did. I saw a one cent beat on earnings, 5 cents instead of 4 cents. How anyone can get excited about 4 cents in earnings on a $40 stock is a mystery to me. It's also a mystery why investors would focus on revenues rather than earnings. The revenue beat is meaningless.

      ARM is at the top of its game but the point would be this is the top and it's going to be downhill for here. Haswell and Bay Trail haven't even made landfall and Intel's tablet sales are doubling each quarter. ARM's revenue beat didn't do anything for earnings which signals shrinking margins.

      When the news hit last night the stock went up a mere 71 cents. So, how much of the difference between the 71 cents and the four bucks it's at now is manipulation I don't know. But it seems like a lot. It was up quite a bit in pre-trading and then dropping and then getting propped back up.

      The thought of anyone buying ARM at $44 with 4 cents of earnings makes me laugh out loud. This is just the best ever opportunity for ARM investors to get out at the top. ARM is like a deer that's been gut-shot. Just because we saw it run off into the trees doesn't mean it's going to live.

      I'm sticking with my January puts. I can't imagine the ARM bubble not bursting by then... ]

    • ARMH still can't break 44.5. It has peaked and the fundamental problem with the stock still remains, it will not appreciably exceed and eventually maintain earnings in the future from the really tough competition Intel has coming its way starting from Haswell to Bay Trail/Merrifield. It will not earn the $20bn that is currently baked into the stock.

    • ..What this means is that ARM is, quite smartly, using its inflated currency to pay employees rather than use actual cash. This comes at the expense of nontrivial dilution:"
      hah? currency vs cash? the whole idea is not clear. would you elaborate. tnkx

    • Few of the interesting things about ARM's results is that they;
      1. Are esentaillay reporting Q4 product shipped, in that there were a lot more WinRT devices, iPad Mini, new Iphone, Galaxy S4, and a raft of other phone assemblers. Remember this is ARM's best Q.
      2.Over 50% of arm revenue now derived from devices other than phones.

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