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  • aulus_vitellius_germanicus aulus_vitellius_germanicus Apr 28, 2013 4:19 PM Flag

    Bravo Ashraf: INTC: The King is Back


    Nice article. Shove it in the faces of the Motley Fools.

    The Death of the Motley Fools.

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    • Intel: The King is Back...another superb article by Ashraf Eassa.
      Thank you

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I agree. This guy is alot smarter than any of the fake analysts.
      The only analyst who is pretty comprehensive on Intel is the one from Credit Suisse.
      But it definitely is refreshing to read some of the informative stuff Ashraf writes and the common sense of sticking with the leader Intel.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Mr Eassa I too enjoyed your article, I find Motley Fool's sappy articles to be regurgitated sensationalistic driven brand of journalism cheap,biased & classless at best.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Yes very nice, though why do you need to explain to these tunnel vision analyst the direction that intel is heading. They seem to be clinging onto the "PC is dyeing mantra". the great point being emphasises is that the PC as we know it, is and has been evolving, yes ARM based products arrived and have been successful. Though the rate of evolution of intel design, manufacturing far out paces, the rate at which ARM is evolving. Almost, a case of Darwin's theory, evolution leads to survival of the fittest. Unless the ARM camp (Apple included), evolves it's products to at least the same level of performance (per watt) as intel Haswell, they will be dead on arrival. Already WinRT products are DOA. Intel based Tablets (and possibly phones) are doubling in sales concurrent quarters. I would expect Haswell based devices to more than quadruple volume intel penetration in the Tablet space. This will not bode well for Apple with ARM based Tablets (iOS) as Apple is suffering and will need to concede that MacBooks will be forced to go touch enabled, running on x86 architecture. Even die hard apple geeks will admit they would prefer an all in one detachable MacBook, come Tablet, come PC, as opposed to three different devices running multiple operating systems will little application and software transferability. Add to that iWatch is probably intel powered. To me this now is the inflection point where we will be witnessing the correction of the ARM era. ARM will have a place in other devices though their biggest problems will be the decline in adoption of ARM technology in Smartphones and Tablets. Especially the most profitable high end devices. Intels push into phones and tablets started in low end devices competing directly with ARM. next step for intel will be the run into High end devices with Evolutionary superior performance and power saving consumption. This is the start of the "Evolution of the PC era".

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