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  • wallisweaver wallisweaver May 2, 2013 1:27 PM Flag

    Another Day of Short Palpable Pain

    Short losses continue to mount. Great that they are hanging in so they can drive the stock price higher later.

    They just don't have any traction issues and continue to swim upstream.

    Here are just some of the reasons:

    May 1: Microsemi Foundry News - Buzz should last at least a week or ten days
    May 6: Intel to announce Silvermont - Buzz should last all year
    May 6: Lenovo K900 release in China
    May 10: Lenovo K900 in India
    May 15-17; Google I/O Developers Conference - Buzz depends on announcements. Good potential.
    June 3: Intel to release Haswell - Buzz should last all year
    June 4: Computex - Buzz depends on announcements. Good potential.

    Tipping point has arrived
    RT: Failure to launch
    ARM Servers: Still on the pad
    ARM Fabrication: Fades to black
    End of the ARM era
    Start of the Evolution of the PC era
    2013: Year of the Intel Tablet
    2014: Year of the Intel Smartphone

    As the Microsemi news demonstrates, big Intel deals could come at any time. We still have the major mobility player and the Cisco announcements to drop.

    We still have the ZTE Geek and a number of other smartphone/tablet releases to come.

    But the news cycle and buzz look great up to and through the Haswell release...

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    • help, I bght puts on ARMH when it was at 44.00 and never sold them when ARMH dropped under 40.00, ARMH is now in the high 47's. Please help me recover from my huge mistake. I'm feeling a great deal of pain from my effective short.

      • 1 Reply to wdblawgrow
      • Thanks for your concern but I'm not in any pain. My ARM puts were a modest investment and I still fully expect to make money on them. I have until January for the bottom to fall out of ARM. It will happen. In the meantime I'm up almost 5 bucks on Intel since November while you have been bearish the entire time. Face it, Dana - you've blown it. Again. Look at the May/June catalysts and the roadmap for the rest of 2013. Think about how Intel's 14nm FinFET production is going to totally change the competitive landscape in just six months.

        Intel isn't ever going to take you back. You need to man up and get over it. Your angst routine is just making everyone feel sorry for you. These silly posts have become the fabric of your life. End your pity party and get on with your life.

    • you talking about ARMH shorts ?

      Sentiment: Hold

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