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  • wallisweaver wallisweaver May 8, 2013 10:39 AM Flag

    The Truth about ARM

    The truth about ARM is that no one on this board is buying ARM. I've asked several times for anyone buying ARM to post up their buys in real time. Nada. Zip. Zilch. And why would they? You'd have to be freaking crazy to buy ARM at these prices. Well, how about the good ARM news? There isn't any. All the good news is on the Intel side. Well, how about the increase in earnings estimates? There aren't any. That's why the P/E has climbed to a nose-bleed level of 82.5. It's at a level where no one can get their mind around it any more.

    So, who is buying ARM? Well, the manipulators and the momentum crowd, who else? Those people with no confidence in the stock at all. Those who will be gone in an instant as soon as the stock turns, leaving the sheep like those "Baaaaaa'ing" daily on this board about how great ARM is.

    But, hey - prove me wrong. Here's your chance. Post up those buys, ARM fanbois and girls...

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    • "I knew something was wrong when" [all of arm's insiders are selling like crazy] "DEAD GIVEAWAY, DEAD GIVEAWAY"

      [My inspiration for this post:
      youtubeDOTcom/watch?v=nZcRU0Op5P4 ]

    • "You'd have to be freaking crazy to buy ARM at these prices."

      I've seen this kind of thing too often with stocks going too high and too low. Once you admit and say that a stock's price is irrational, you also remove any possible ceiling limitations. If ARMH can reach $50, then it can reach $100. "That's impossible!" No, it isn't. There are no laws to irrationality. I have a friend who started collecting t-shirts. The other day he showed up with 30 t-shirts he bought that day. "This is crazy." I said, and he assured me he was peaking out on buying t-shirts. Then he bought 150 t-shirts a couple of days later.

      Crazy people (who can be completely sane otherwise) don't care what the price of ARMH is if they want to own it, and participate in the warm fuzzy glow it gives them. Right now, the crazy people who bought it at $45 are elated and could very well be buying more, and the ones who held back at $45 are now forcing themselves to take the plunge.

      And crazy people create other crazy people. It's contagious.

      There is no way to predict when a bubble stock will end. Overvaluation is never enough. Having said all that, I do think the shorts have a chance to make some money.

    • It's sure being bid up today with volume higher than normal. Although I correctly ascertained the peak for last quarter, that got blown past with this quarter's results which seem to have impressed the bubble crew. Will try and nail this intra-quarter's peak and I think we could be close now at just under 50. If Clover Trail killed WindowsRT then Avoton has just killed the ARM micro-server market also at birth too. Also the premium tablet/phone market too looks tied up by Silvermont too at least on the cpu front . So WTH is all this phantom ARM growth actually going to come from ? Must be one of the worst priced stocks in the market along with the Amazons and Linkedins. On its day of reckoning, which will be due to a quarter that the bubble analysts don't like, it will crash hard and long and will keep falling afterwards in the weeks/months to come.

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      • "Will try and nail this intra-quarter's peak and I think we could be close now at just under 50."

        49.99 could be it but need confirmation in the days to come.

      • Clover Trail had help killing RT;) The second MS allowed the legacy UI into RT without full functionality, it was doomed. As for Avoton and micro servers, much too soon to tell. It's certainly knocked the performance/watt to touch (on a CPU basis) but the ARM based solutions still have higher integration on the SoC (fabrics etc). As for growth, a big chuck of of it has little to to with Intel's core markets (micro controllers etc) but whether that is enough to justify the price is another question.

      • the truth is armh at 50 when both armh and intc were at 28. the truth hurts for intc longs but then we have a good div, right? I don't thousands of $s in profits, I have a 4% div!

    • well, we sure know 2 people here who who are short it and getting crushed

    • 50 50 50 wow

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