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  • wallisweaver wallisweaver May 8, 2013 9:39 PM Flag

    Requirements to be an ARM Investor

    1.) Belief that the British Empire is being reborn.
    2.) Skepticism about flimsily proven concepts like gravity, which causes some people to ask the silly question: What's holding that up???
    3.) An incredibly strong fantasy life.
    4.) Limited exposure to profit and loss concepts.
    5.) Belief that you will live forever or at least a century more in order for ARM to have enough time to earn the price of a share of its stock.
    6.) Belief that 172 tech articles about Silvermont can all be wrong.
    7.) Belief that Haswell is a fiction and nothing will arrive on June 3rd.
    8.) Belief that any 90nm ARM processor can beat any Intel FinFET processor because of micro-architecture.
    9.) Belief that Warren East sold his ARM shares only because he needed some pub money.
    10.) Belief that ARM has secretly signed a 10-year contract with space aliens for advanced fabrication technology.

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    • My dad worked for this company back in the 90s that sold rack space for radios on mountain tops. Their main customers were police, fire, and pagers. One day the owner woke up and realized that pagers were on the way out, so he quickly sold the company for fat profits to a Boston investment group. Their stock was worth pennies when my dad left. He left in the 90's and, well, can you even buy a pager plan today? They have empty racks on mountains all over the country. The stock closed today at $82 a share! I feel like asking the average investor if they know anything about this company. They probably know only what's on the website.

      Twenty years from now ARMH can be worth $100 a share. They will have fancy statistics "we sold over 20 trillion processors" and can give a song and dance about all the tens of thousands of design wins they have. Suckers will never stop buying this stock. And of course they will always tout the secret "Intel killer" processor which is coming out in a couple of years. . What i am saying is that story you hear today will be the story you hear 20 years from now, regardless how many times it's proven false.

    • You're the last guy that should be taunting ARM investors. THE.LAST.GUY. Grow a pair.

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