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  • alexander.dumbass alexander.dumbass May 15, 2013 10:06 AM Flag

    1 million ARMv8-A to my RECEIVING DOCK

    What would it cost me if I wanted to have 1 million ARMv8-A CPU delivered to my receiving dock?
    How long would it take from DECISION to parts RECEIPT?

    Assume that I am a startup company with infinite funds or a new division in a large company.
    There are some phase I think I would have to go through.

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    • it really depends on what else is on the SoC. If just a CPU core and little else,,,?

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      • How about an estimate for just a CPU core for a base price per chip.
        How about then adding some commonly available IP to it for what the cost of stirring the pot.

        Would my burdened cost be $1 per device or $10 per device or ....
        I would be fine if you want to craft an example similar to what I am describing if my question is dumb since my question is just to understand what the cost for a new entrant to get to a simple product.

        I wanted to test the assumption about the difficulty in just stirring up a pot of ARM for solving a problem where I needed 1 million devices.
        About how many people would I have to hire.
        Tools would I have to buy.
        Costs for the first time through the process .... barrier to entry and then incremental cost.

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