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  • semi_equip_junkie semi_equip_junkie May 16, 2013 2:33 AM Flag

    ASML, KLAC to Benefit from Stronger Semicap Spending, Says Bernstein

    Those idiots are so behind the curve -
    and they are way behind the curve in regards to Intel .
    And here Bernstein "research" is hyping ASML at all time high _ I am laughing my #$%$ off.
    When the idiots (Authors Pierre Ferragu, Stacy Rasgon, Mark Li, and Mark Newman follow on their observation that delivering on Moore’s Law — the rule of thumb that transistor density doubles every two years — is going to be increasingly expensive, driving up capital investment expense for the industry.) start hyping it's time to lighten up slowly -
    In our coverage, ASML [Holding NV (ASML)] is a structural winner and remains a top pick.

    comment on Nomura downgrade....reading the ASML note it is clear that TSMC FinFet is actually 20nm
    (with a type of finFET architecture which allows an improved performance, but not yet a shrink)
    semi_equip_junkie • Jul 18, 2012 11:37 PM

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    Nomura - Stupid is as stupid does:
    "So in other terms if I make myself clear you are going to have 2022, you are going to have 2022 with a type of finFET architecture which allows an improved performance, but not yet a shrink and you are going to have that technology shrunk and that will happen from now on until 2015-16 and that's again hugely lithography intensive, even whether you use immersion, double, double patterning or you use EUV, you are talking about huge numbers of critical layers and a huge number of lithography-enabling tools like the holistic lithography set of products that we have. So we see Logic dwarfing basically DRAM anyway by 2015 or so, back with revenge."
    only 197 person get e-mail alert on ASML...
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