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  • wallisweaver wallisweaver May 27, 2013 2:53 PM Flag

    A More Intriguing Possibility

    An even more intriguing possibility is that Samsung is developing a more expanded relationship with Intel in order to disenfranchise Apple from doing the same things. While Apple bonding with Intel is a major opportunity for them to go one up on Samsung, the possibility exists for Samsung to do the same thing.

    Could the Galaxy Tab 3 be the first evidence of this? Samsung could be planning a major Tizen move with Intel as well. If Samsung bonded with Intel and squeezed Apple out, could anything then stop them from continuing the ramp they are currently on???

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    • Agree

    • Samsung seems to want a closer partnership with Intel...

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      • Galaxy Tab 3, 10.1 inch and 8 inch are great wins if true. You could say the same about QCOM and the Galaxy 4 phone. Sammy used Samsung Octo (or Cat & Dog 2 times 4-legged) silicon outside the US.

        Intel components have extra value when running legacy apps has extra value. Samsung is probably making a Win8 tablet and the Intel part makes more sense in that case. A corporate division at Samsung is just like any other corporation. The division is managed by an aggressive type-A personality who wants to move up the corporate ladder. If using Intel will make his division more successful then he will not hesitate.

        It is better to think if companies like Samsung as a collection of smaller companies than as one monolith that is strategically thinking like you are suggesting.

        PaulO said that turning Intel was like steering a tanker.
        Turning Samsung must be like steering a continent.

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