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  • intel_fanboy intel_fanboy Jun 4, 2013 1:14 AM Flag

    ARM only has itself to blame

    ARMH had only one job to do over the past few years. It had to keep raising the bar so that each time a two year cell phone contract expired people couldn't wait to get the latest ARM SoC based smartphone. That's it. When they first caught sight of Intel in their rear view mirror a couple of years ago (which they swore would never happen) they should have been all in making sure that the fabrication crises was minimized. Instead of fixing things they relied on fairy tales and press releases to make their company look like it was beating Intel at its own game. What we got instead was the law of diminishing returns. The more cores they threw into their processors the less it seemed to matter. Their technical innovations are no longer new, and consumers grew weary of record high phone contracts. iPhone is no longer the #1 selling phone in the world and if it wasn't for the iPad mini the iPad sales would be in decline. Even with over $100 billion somewhere in the world and a thousand full time SoC engineers Apple can't seem to master it's domain. It looked so promising just a year or two ago. In house boutique processors. Why pay the Intel tax? The Intel tax went to world class R&D . Intel has been scorned for wanting 60% GTM. When the pennies are all counted for ARM who got more than their fare share in the fabless model? Perhaps if ARMH and TSMC had an extra $20 billion each out of Apple's war chest things would look a bit different today?

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