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  • wallisweaver wallisweaver Jun 4, 2013 3:04 PM Flag

    Shills Continue to Look Unsuccessfully for an Issue, Any Issue

    Shills continue to pull out all stops in looking for an issue to slow Intel's move up before all shorts are totally incinerated. Since they can't find any, they are now resorting to what they do best - making things up.

    There aren't going to be any revenue warnings.
    Haswell doesn't have a heat issue.

    I'm looking for the shills to start talking about sunspots next. Problem for them is that the Intel news cycle is ramped up and chocked full and it's all good news. We are going to have a gazillion product announcements and the Mac upgrades are next week. And we have just begun talking about the mobility side of Haswell at Computex.

    Shills are feeling the pain and responding with fictions, content-free postings and volume postings. Yet Intel continues to move up and ARM down. Today's differential now at 81 cents. It's going to be a very long, painful month for shorts...

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    • They're still looking...

    • INTC & MSFT shorts haven't even begun to feel real pain.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • I was hoping the ARM fans would have something to say my latest observation. It was really something that GetanID61 brought up quite some time ago. "All the world's money is going into ARM." Well, he was right, to some extent. The problem was, that in the big picture Apple kept too much of the profits. ARM and Intel is like the cold war all over again. Intel simply outspent ARM in R&D and manufacturing excellence. ARM had nearly 100% market share, a monopoly of tablet and smartphones. The problem was that they had licenses beating on each other to take down the price on the SOC. They left too much money on the table. Yes ARMH gets a royalty on each ARM core sold, but it still didn't mean much. They were too small to put up a good battle against Intel's R&D machine. The real alarm sounded when Intel showed a couple of years ago that for every 122 smartphones sold Intel sold a server and made more profit on the one server than ARM made on the 122 processors. The next clue was when TSMC went to charging by the wafer, not the good processors on 28nm. This means their cost structure couldn't absorb the cost of fixing yield issues. As you may recall in 2009 and then again 2010 they said they fixed yield issues on 40nm. And now they are going to breeze in to finfet at 16nm in a couple of years. If they didn't have the money with nearly 100% market share to pay to fix yield issues at 28nm what are they going to do when they get to 20nm and 16nm? Keep in mind Intel will not only be at 14nm, but will be at 450mm wafers. Even with a GTM in excess of 60% ARM really hasn't seen pricing pressure like Intel will inflict. I dare say that TSMC will never see the day that they can afford to make a 16nm SoC in sufficient yields. Because by that time all the world's money will be flowing to Intel.

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