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  • jflaherty jflaherty Jun 8, 2013 7:54 PM Flag

    Can Apple build an iPad running full versions of OS 10.9 or 11?

    If we can have full versions of Win 8 on tablets, what's stopping Apple from having full versions of their OS running on tablets? iOS 7 for iPhones and iWatches, and full version options for the iPad. The CPU power is available.

    That would be the huge, hidden announcement for WWDC... choice from Apple (not the new iPad 5 coming this summer, the iWatch, or cheaper iPhones). I don't follow the Apple universe. Anyone else?

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    • iPad running full versions of OS means Intel inside

    • So you're positing that AAPL may pitch to the developers at the WWDC complete program portability between screens? Interesting... I'm not sure how that helps INTC's stock price, but interesting none the less... What I'd like to know is how many chips have been sold into the channel for the rumored Mac updates... AAPL has a way of undersupplying initial product launches, and with INTC's fiscal period ending 6/30 I'd like to see numbers representing as many channel booked chips as possible... it' also why I'm hoping (most likely dreaming) that something big regarding either Thunderbolt or Thunderbolt connect is announced... Chips in the channel at 6/30 = revenue that moves the stock price...

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    • Yes.
      They could do it and likely have already built prototypes on both Intel and ARM devices.
      You are asking, I think (way oversimplified paraphrase) "could Apple go top to bottom Intel?"

      The question is much more complex and interesting to think about.

      "If you asked most people what the difference between iOS and OS X is, most people would provide answers to the effect of “What’s iOS?” or “One uses a touch screen and the other, a keyboard and mouse.” A third, less obvious answer to this question is important to helping a user gain proficiency with either in the pluralistic Post-PC world we currently live in"

      I answered #2, and even started to answer it like that before doing a little more reading. Most reading this board would say something similar.

      The clip comes from a BARKINGS blog post by David Boyd on SmallDog and is an interesting article about your question.

      Google the phrase:
      smalldog barkings iOS vs. OS X

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      • iOS is apparently derived from OS X. I can see extending OS X across the ecosystem but not iOS. Of course, I would be happy to hear arguments to the contrary.

        There is the touchscreen issue to be dealt with in order to do this. What Apple is waiting on I have no idea. The touchscreen issue is currently killing them and will continue to do so until it is available. It's a huge detriment to Apple in competing with Windows 8 and 8.1 on tablets. It keeps them from offering OS X on tablets. Given their shrinking growth, this is more than a little problematic.

        The upside for Intel I think is that OS X is going to run much better on Intel processors across the Apple ecosystem. Choosing to go with ARM would be a serious mistake. I can't believe that Apple is not totally aware of ARM's very substantial fabrication and manufacturing issues going forward.

        I'm very interested to see how this plays out because i rarely see Apple do anything these days that I think is prudent. Naturally my opinion by itself is meaningless but given the decline in the stock price there are many who share all or some of this opinion.

        I can't get excited about iRadio. It's not a game changer. I can get a bit worked up over the iWatch. I think it has good potential and I think the reason that many peope aren't enthusiastic is that they think it's going to be just a watch with a few extra features. The potential is much, much greater than this. I'm pretty sure we will see an iWatch, I just don't think it will be this week. I'd love to be surprised.

        And I'd really love to see Apple come out with something great and totally unanticipated. Based on Tim Cook's existing performance I'd rate this as about the same as getting a winning lottery ticket. Come on, Tim - prove me wrong!!!

        I just don't know how many more heavy sigh disappointments consumers can take without a lot of the cool factor rubbing off of Apple. Intel is a bright spot for them. Let's see if they move to the light...

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