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  • mark.steffenhagen mark.steffenhagen Jun 9, 2013 10:36 PM Flag

    Article just posted on yahoo "HP sick of Wintel"

    Isn't this a false statement???? I thought the first Moonshot chips were Intel and no ARM chips are 100 percent conifrmed?

    On the server side, HP's power-efficient Moonshot system that boasts 89% energy savings use ARM-based chips instead of Intel silicon. The company makes it clear that this isn't just an "evolutionary" improvement -- this could be revolutionary.

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    • I don't think that is correct. What source states moonshot is ARM based?

    • "Isn't this a false statement???? I thought the first Moonshot chips were Intel and no ARM chips are 100 percent conifrmed?"

      [First of all, no one at HP said "HP is sick of Wintel." The author made this up and should be ashamed. I can't believe that you are going to try to resurrect the ARM server argument. The ARM 64-bit servers are vaporware at this point in time and will only compete for 2 percent of the server market. It's a waste of time talking about them... ]

    • The article is full with false assumptions. As for ARM server reminds me the Surface ARM tablet, same fate, dead on arrival.

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      • It was a case of over and under. Overpriced, underperformance. May the lesson be learned!

      • HP came out with their own version of a tablet with a superior OS named WebOS. It was HTML5 based. It failed miserably after six months, and then the the president at the time said that they were getting out of the PC market and that the PC division was up for sale. Here's the short story, the PC stayed and he was replaced by Meg Witman. HP isn't a company that can afford to explore new architectures quite like the article suggested.

        If you want to know about the great misinformation ARM will be promoting in the future, I believe it will be in four parts.

        #1. HP, Apple. Lenovo, Dell , Asus, Acer (insert computer manufacturer here) is sick of Wintel.
        #2. Compatibility issues with Android/ iOS will cause consumers to reject Intel based devices.
        #3. (My favorite-The AMD myth carried over to ARM) ARM has this amazing new processor that is 16nm FinFET that is coming out next year. It will magically leapfrog ARM over Intel and put them two years ahead of Intel. It's a secret new 450mm fab that is opening soon. They are getting nearly 100% yield and will sell the new processors for $5 each.
        #4. ARM 64 is what Apple is waiting on to go entirely ARM in their product line.

        The BS never ends.

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