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    Apple:Writing on the wall for ARM

    Wow, bad times for ARM at today's conference. No new iGadgets. Not even a stinking iPhone 5s modest update. There was new hardware. Mac Book Air and a tease for the Mac Pro. All with Intel processors.

    I just sat and watched the presentation thinking of all the stuff they stole. iOS 7 should be named "Jelly Bean." Lots of catch up for Apple with Android, lots of reintroduction of software and services already commercially available. They are focusing heavily on user experience with touchy feely commercials that look more appropriate for Hallmark instead of Apple. Many of these so called user experiences I have on my Android phone.

    With aging hardware and catch up OS , software, and services from Apple the writing is on the wall for ARM. One of the world's most valuable companies who bet the farm on ARM is falling behind. The hardware by today's standards is competitive but not cutting edge. Instead of showing new ARM based hardware to the legions of drooling fans to wait in line for when introduced there is nothing. That most likely means no new istuff for the holiday season. Which very well could mean t hat this holiday season's iOS based device lineup can look much the same as last years.

    And that boys and girls is what an ARM fabrication crises looks like in the real world. Apple thought it was so innovative when it took to designing processors in house. A few short years later this where they are wasting everybody's time in things that could just as easily be handled in a press release. The only real "oh and ahs" came from the Haswell based Air announcement regarding battery life. The other nearly two hours of talk was a combination of "been there " and "done that."

    Meanwhile the newest hardware from Intel is out and Apple is taking orders. Spin this all you want ARM fans. This just looks horrible!

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    • I count $142 billion in cash on Apple's balance sheet. And all of it is drydocked, not in play, not available to the sectors of the ARM ecosystem that could most use a huge injection of cash like TSMC and ARMH in order to answer Intel's nonstop semiconductor Manhattan project.

      Instead, Apple is cozying up to Intel and with all that cash who knows what can happen.

    • Where to begin? First off, the new iPhone will be released in September just as it was last year. How is it "aging" when it is only nine months old? New devices are released once a year. The last iPhone was released in September 2012. The last iPads were released in October 2012. The new ones will be released in September and October of 2013 one year later, on schedule.

      Second, this was a developer conference and not about hardware. The MacBook AIr was shown because it was well timed with Haswell's official release. But this was about OS X and iOS 7. Anybody who expected a new iPhone 5S was misinformed for the reasons I state above AND because Cook has said repeatedly that the big product releases wil begin in the "Fall."

      Finally, and most importantly, Apple will be adopting Intel processor in their iOS devices starting with the iPad. It may happen this year, but I think it is more likely to happen in 2014 after Intel has moved from the 22nm Haswell to the 14nm Broadwell. At 14nm, the Broadwell processors will enable iPads to run full x86 architecture software (OS X and maybe even booting Windows as on the Mac) as well as current iOS and software all in a small, thin, lightweight, device with, at least, 10 hours of batter life and NO FAN.

      In other words, like the MS Surface Pro, but much better

      This is all good news for both Intel and Apple.

      In case it is not obvious, I am long INTC and AAPL.

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      • Thank you for your insight.

        Last year the iPhone5 came out and people didn't have a problem getting them. The iPad mini went on backorder which led to strong first quarter sales this year. As far as the iOS7 and Mavericks, there were a lot of nice new features that I'm sure loyal Apple fans will appreciate.

        I do have to disagree with you on the timing of new iOS products. I distinctly recall the the iPad2 was announced not at CES, but a few weeks later at their own press conference in January or early February. At the time it was released in March, to a huge, and I do mean huge backorder. By the holiday season they were in stock and sold well. I wasn't sure about these dates so I looked them up. iPhone 3GS introduced June 8, 2009. The iPhone 4 introduced June 7, 2010. Iphone 4s was introduced October 11th, 2011. iPhone 5. iPhone 5 was introduced September 12, 2012. The iPad mini was announced a couple weeks earlier.

        What difference does it make? Look at the pattern. Apple needs products ready for customers to buy for the holiday season. Going from first quarter to forth quarter product introductions is simply a very bad idea. What this does is stock the shelves with last year's technology during he holiday season. For tablets this is the worst because the bulk of the sales of tablets occurs in the forth quarter.

        It seems that Apple is priming their client base with a lackluster year in hardware by highlighting the user experience. Nobody has ever waited five hours in line for a new Apple OS. People want hardware.

        When it came to the iPad very few people realized that the tablet actually came out ten years earlier from Microsoft. But, more people are able to associate Pandora, Last Pass and, Microsoft 360 and Google's Android with what Apple presented yesterday. It came off looking like they copied someone else's book report and tried to give the same presentation. Google is a developers platform? Yes, for Apple.

    • "The next Big Thing is already here! Though this time PC OEMs are producing it. Apple waisting space without mac that has touch screen capability.

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