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  • ashraf.eassa ashraf.eassa Jun 13, 2013 11:40 AM Flag

    Daniel Nenni


    Very unprofessional piece from you. It is indicative that you are not only incredibly ignorant, but that you are also quite afraid of the truth that I keep putting out there.

    Oh, yeah, and one more thing - pretty sure that getting your "facts" wrong in any legitimate publication (you know, like claiming that I'm a college student, when I have not been one for some time) would land you in hot water.

    I've been more than civil to you, Mr. Nenni, but it seems you could not extend that courtesy to me. It reflects very poorly on your character, and I am sure that it simply further degrades any shred of credibility your site had.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Nenni actually chaired a FinFet symposium (attended by member of ARM eco system) but he's kind of clueless - he pumped his semiwikki link telling everybody no problems...." NVLS also" that means more than one
      28nm: A 1H12 story. Foundries (e.g. TSMC, GlobalFoundries) are taping out 28nm now but realistically the ramp is 1Q12-2Q12 until they can improve yields. ATMI looks to be designed into both TSMC's 28nm process chemistry and likely others (GF), and should grow revenues/wafer once 28nm ramps. NVLS also cited 28nm yield issues as a reason for recent foundry order pullbacks, but once they are resolved orders should flow again. LRCX said it has yet to ship any volume 28nm tools to major foundries.

    • Nenni says: "I’m completely out of the stock market and have no desire to reenter it so don’t expect opinions that selfishly support my stock positions."

      Too funny! That "no desire to reenter" speaks volumes about his past experiences. The stock market is a bracing tonic that doesn't forgive stupidity. With no skin in the game, he can debate all he wants and go to bed at night knowing that his mistakes carry no penalty.

    • Handbags at dawn eh?:)

      Have a link for us to look at?

    • I am surprised TSMC not getting rid of him and his site....
      12 months ago he was spamming like crazy ... telling people there were problems with the shape of Intel's fin. He also claimed Intel way behind SoC....
      Once in a while Nenni shows up as chipguy 1 at EE timesj

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